You're based in quite a few places - where do you actually live? And do you travel?

I live in Gulfport, Mississippi right on the gulf coast. I may be The Girl From California, but my husband and I will call Gulfport home for the next 3 years! We recently moved from San Diego, CA hence why you'll see me hopping back and forth every couple of months. For my base locations (Southern Mississippi, Southern California, Denver, CO and surrounding) I don't charge any additional travel fees! Any locations beyond those spots will have travel fees worked into your overall quote. Don't let travel fees or budgets scare you, reach out to me! I'm always open to chat about what will work with you. I travel 75% of the year and may already be headed to your location - that means no additional travel fees! I have my hiking boots by the door and passport ready to go, lets plan your adventure!

How long will it take to receive our images back?

I have one of the quickest turn around times in the industry! Most wedding photographers guarentee image delivery in 8-10 weeks. My delivery date is 4-6 weeks and usually is closer to the 4 week mark ;) Plus I always promise lots of sneak peeks along the way! 

How do you deliver photos?

I deliver my galleries through an online gallery site which I absolutely love. Your photos will be laid out to tell the story of your wedding day. From those first getting ready jitters to the passionate kiss at the end of the night, I want you to feel as though you are experiencing the day all over again. I usually deliver between 600-1,000 images during a typical 6-8 hour wedding day. This gallery can be shared on social media, emailed to family and friends, and used as a slideshow to show off your day! Your wedding day gallery will be available for two months following your delivery date. But don't worry! After those two months, your photos don't disappear. Your wedding day will be kept with me for a minimum of ten years. If your computer hard drive fails, if your lose your items in a fire/flood/other natural disaster among many other possible circumstances - I will have your digital files safe with me and always accessible! 

YES!! I have a two million dollar liability insurance, a hefty amount of back-up camera gear, as well as insurance on each of my pieces of gear. With every wedding I book, I have in place a back up photographer in the unlikely event that I become ill, injured, or worse. I even have a "Photo Will" in place in case something tragic were to happen to me. Your wedding and images will always be taken care of - you can count on that.

Do you have insurance and back-ups?

I 10000% understand. Money is rough, life totally sucks sometimes, and making ends meet can be a struggle that everyone has felt at some point. I'm always completely open with pricing and will happily break down each package for you to show you exactly what you are paying for. I may not be able to work with every budget, but please don't let that keep you from reaching out to me! I will do my best to make the best package I can for you while keeping it affordable and within your budget.

I have tons of tips that I can share with you to help you save on your wedding day!

I LOVE your work, but I'm not sure if we can afford this..

YAYYY! This is me dancing around my office doing my happy dance. I swear it's like I've found a new best friend each time one of my couples books and starts planning with me. I'm genuinely excited for your big day and cannot wait to capture it as it unfolds! Send me your wedding info through my Booking Form. I will respond within 30 minutes during the workweek and within 12 hours during the evenings/weekends. We then set up a time to meet/FaceTime/or have a phone call. You tell me everything about your day, we bond, you book. To book I require a signed contract, 30% non-reundable retainer to book your date, AND YOU'RE DONE! Lets make magic!!

Okay. LET'S DO THIS THING. How do I book?