Inspired By Emotion
forever exploring.


"At the end of the day your shoes should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling."


Name: Christina Hawkinson

Age: 154 in dog years!

Basecamp: Gulfport, MS. Home is where the Navy sends us!

Duties: Owner and traveling lead photographer, momma to my sweet 5-month-old, and wife to my amazing husband Connor.

In a Nutshell: I'm a travel lovin', dog obsessed, forever adventuring hippie soul. I hate laundry, love driving, and you'll never catch me drinking coffee. (I know. I'm weird.) I'm introverted and observant but become a whole new person when I'm working with my couples <3 You'll learn that really quick! 

Why You're Here: I LOVE love. Cheesy huh?? I swear I cry at every wedding. Daddy/daughter moments always unleash the tears. I want you to remember not only how the day looked, but how the day felt. My goal is for you to look through your wedding images and be instantly taken back to that day.

Most Memorable Moment: The day I adopted my dog <3 I adopted her about 3 years ago when she was abandoned at a local vets office. I had brought her home for my dad since he had always wanted an Australian Cattle Dog but she had other plans in mind! She picked me as her "person" and nothing could change that. If you have a heeler you can empathize with their velcro like tendencies! She goes everywhere with me including backpacking across gorgeous mountain-tops, trail riding through the hills, and exploring in the desert. 

Favorite Adventure: Oh my. This changes constantly! I just recently spent about 12 days on the road exploring all of California. I had engagement sessions and weddings everywhere from San Diego, Los Angeles, Monterey, Lake Tahoe, and finally to Yosemite, CA! 


Name: Georgia

Age: 28 in dog years!

Basecamp: THE BEACH. Oh wait. No. I wish. Mom says we can't live at the beach. So our house will do.

Duties: Play and fetch and run and chase and jump and climb and play.  

In a Nutshell: I love my pink toy. (Its pink, and its a bone, and its the best thing ever invented. Nothing will ever compareeeee!!) And I love pepperoni. Its like... my favorite human food ever. And strawberries. Strawberries are cool too. Okay about me.... I found my human when she adopted me after I was abandoned at the vets office. That place is scary!! She took me home and I was so happy. We go on adventures all the time! The beach is my favorite, but I love climbing rocks, racing across fields, chasing cows and SNOW! 


Most Memorable Moment: That's a good question. It was either the day mom adopted me, or the first day she brought me to the beach, or the first time we went rock climbing, or maybe it was the time I got to chase cows with my friends? But last month I took an airplane ride for the first time and that was pretty cool. (Don't take me near escalators though. Those are THE DEVIL.) LIFE IS AWESOME.

Favorite Adventure: I spent almost all of January traveling with my humans! They took me to the mountains of Colorado, I got to play in snow, we went ice skating together, we climbed some cool red rocks, and even chased fish around a HUGEEE tank. Right when I thought we were going home we took another airplane ride to Washington! We visited the ocean (my favorite), we ran around in the rain, I got to chase ducks, and did lots of hiking. Pretty sure the snow was the best part.